Behaviour and Anti-Bullying

We understand that a happy child is one who not only wants to come to school, but is also one who achieves more. We work to ensure students enjoy their education, and this includes ensuring that they understand high expectations, and ensuring should there be anything impacting upon their education, we address this promptly. The academy works to ensure excellent behaviour and attendance is recognised, and recognise children who consistently meet our minimum expectations. Children are expected to:

  • Treat others as they would like to be treated themselves.
  • Obey immediately a direct instruction given to them by a member of staff.
  • Never leave the classroom without the permission of a member of staff.
  • Show respect for academy property and that of others.
  • Move around the academy in a quiet and sensible manner.
  • Maintain their property in a tidy condition.
  • Be responsible for all items of equipment loaned to them.
  • Remain on academy premises until given permission to leave by a member of staff.

Children who meet and go beyond these standards are rewarded and the academy places emphasis on positive praise and ensuring that there is consistent application of our Behaviour Policy.


We have a zero-tolerance approach to instances of bullying, and as an academy we recognise that this can take many forms in today’s digital world. As an academy, we put a great deal of work into measures that help to prevent bullying, including through our approach to British Values. We take any report of bullying seriously, and will investigate matters to take appropriate action. Should any parent be concerned that their child is being bullied, we ask that they contact us to discuss this.

Ofsted Good Provider